Ayurveda Vastra. A closely connected name with Ayurveda. 'Ayur' means life, 'Vastra' means cloth. Clothing for a healthy life. Clothing a basic necessity of human being. Despite the pressures of the society and times a few people have tried to retain the essence of medicinal or health cloth.

Clothing has undergone changes according to times and so has the meterials used and methods of manufacturing them. The work that is done with the cloth like the weaving, design, dyeing to bring out garments has got influenced by the prefrences and demands of society. The health cloth produced has tried to retain its closeness with nature by using natural dyes like Indigo, Red Sandalwood, Tulsi and Turmeric which has its own therapeutic benefits assisting in healthy life.

Ayurveda Vastra (Balaramapuram) is weaved through handlooms, a work which has been difficult to sustain as more and more mechanized methods are been preferred to take care of the current requirements of the society. The work is done on a variety of cloth which includes Tussar silk from Jharkhand, Pashmina wool from Kashmir etc.