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  • .The Sharing Platform

    A vision of better sharing of resources and returns. The platform assists in coordination between like minded people of various interests so as to create visibility for them to reach matching audiences.

  • .Online Media

    Online interactions through web/social media has become one of the first point of contact for most customers and clients. Our emphasis is to enable and sustain interests to be an integral part in a client/customer online interactions.

  • .Communication

    Communication has evolved through a spectra of mediums ranging from word of mouth, sign language, expressions, papyrus and web. Assisting with efficient web-tools to connect between online/offline is part of our endeveour.



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INFINITREE is a firm which provides online contact and platform to actualize the potential of organizations. An interactive platform where like minded work happens, individual and organisations could evolve together sharing resources and returns.


Coordinate, across varied interests that touch different areas of work which includes diverse fields of nature, health, art, culture etc..

This work includes coordinating and implementing of skills and webtools to enhance the visibility.

This work includes coordinating between individuals and organisations who are involved in the relevant fields of nature, art etc.

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How We Work.

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• An interactive platform.
• Related interests, organisations to work together.
• Skills/webtools.

» Website designing and devolopment, database management, creating/devoloping ecommerce sites and portals.
» Search engine optimisation(SEO), Mobile optimized sites, Promotions through E-mailers and E-brochures.
» Social Media Management, Marketing, Advertising (organic and Inorganic).
» E-publishing and xmlisation
» UX/UI design, Logo creation

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ayurvedic ayurvastra handloom kerala
20 February - 2017

A closely connected name with Ayurveda. Ayur means 'life' vastra means 'cloth', clothing for a healthy life. Clothing a basic necessity of human being. Despite the pressures of the society and times a few people have tried to retain the essence of Ayurvedic Vastra....

31 December - 2016
.TUSSAR SILK or nonviolent silk

Tussar Silk....Tussar silk is taken from the cocoon of the silkworm without harming the larvae. It is an idegeneous way of taking the product with the least harm to nature......

                                                                              tussar natural silk nonviolent


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